International Access

Although our products are of the same high quality around the world, we offer different products in different countries. We encourage you to contact the center nearest you for assistance with products and services available in your country.

There are three ways to contact us outside of North America. Some countries provide a web site. You can also telephone us either toll free or collect, depending on the service that is available in your location.

International web sites:

Hong Kong
New Zealand
United States


International Toll Free Telephone Numbers:

Argentina 800-555-3333
Australia 1800-029-979
Brazil 0800-703-6363 (Consumer Products)
  0800-702-3522 (Health Professionals)
  0800-728-6767 (Over the Counter (OTC) Products)
Canada 800-265-7323 (McNeil Consumer Healthcare)
  800-361-8068 (Johnson & Johnson, Inc.)
Chile 800-40-0235
China 800-820-1880
Columbia 018000-51-7000
Costa Rica 08000-161027
Dominican Republic 1-809-200-1272
Ecuador 1-800-222-555
Guatemala 1-801-4200011
Hong Kong (852)2738-2888
India 1800-22-8111
Indonesia 0800-155-4636
Japan 0120-101-110
Korea 080-023-1414
Malaysia 00-800-888-111-00
Mexico 0-1800-5526255
New Zealand 0800-446-147
Panama 800-0011
Paraguay 615800
Peru 0800-53233
Philippines 00-800-888-111-00
Singapore 001-800-888-111-00
Taiwan 0800-011-678
Thailand 001-800-888-111-00
United States 888-543-8255 (McNeil Consumer Healthcare)
  888-638-5242 (Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc.)
  Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands are part of the United States
Uruguay 800-2080
Venezuela 0800-JOHNSON (5646766)
Vietnam (848)3914-1001

Collect Call Telephone Numbers:

To contact us using the collect call numbers below, please call your local telephone company operator and request that they dial the following telephone number in the United States. Our company will absorb all charges related to this telephone call. You will not be charged for this call beyond the standard and customary charges associated with contacting your local telephone operator.

Antigua 215-273-8755
Aruba 215-273-8755
Bahamas 215-273-8755
Barbados 215-273-8755
Belize 215-273-8755
Bermuda 215-273-8755
British Virgin Islands 215-273-8755
Curacao/Bonaire 215-273-8755
Dominica 215-273-8755
French Guyana 215-273-8755
Grand Cayman 215-273-8755
Grenada 215-273-8755
Guadeloupe 215-273-8755
Guyana 215-273-8755
Haiti 215-273-8755
Jamaica 215-273-8755
Martinique 215-273-8755
Monseratte 215-273-8755
St. Kitts 215-273-8755
St. Lucia 215-273-8755
St. Maarten 215-273-8755
St. Vincent 215-273-8755
Suriname 215-273-8755
Trinidad & Tobago 215-273-8755
Turks & Caicos 215-273-8755